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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Preditors & Editors

The year-end polling results are now official, and once again I've finished in the Top 10 in both the Poet and Poem categories:

Thanks for your support!

Monday, September 28, 2009


Coming soon from my new self-publishing label, Purple Prosaic, a collection of my poetry entitled (of course) Implexity. It will be available as an ebook through Lulu, and in paperback through Amazon (CreateSpace). A hardcover collector edition will also be available for special order, which I'll happily sign.

Tentative release in mid-October 2009. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Is it?

Is it still called love
when familiarity turns
voice into white
when every opinion
is taken as criticism
and every compliment
as apology?

Is it still called
when support
is sought from sources
that was once
breath's breadth

Is it still
called love when scores
are kept and bottom
lines drawn in shifting sands,
when the sound
of one more promise
draws not hope
but fear?

Is it
still called love?

Is it?

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

wither (visually)

A visual representation by my swirlfriend! I'm going to make a poster of it for my bedroom wall. :)


Edited to add: POSTER!

Monday, February 16, 2009


Two-Thirds is now available as an ebook.

Below are the public comments received on Literotica, when the story was posted as part of its 2009 Valentine's Contest:

01/21/09 by Anonymous

No, no, no, now I understand why you've been going around giving everyone a 5 score hoping that they'd give you one, too, Imp. What was that? That was your Valentine's Day story? Have you lost your mind? Don't you know what Valentine's Day is about? If I was someone who never heard of Valentine's Day and read your story to explain to me what Valentine's Day was about, I'd go buy a laptop and surf the net for porn. "What are you doing, Honey? You've been up in your room on your laptop surfing porn." "I'm celebrating Valentine's Day." You're punishment for submitting this story is that must skip a turn and cannot enter the next theme contest. "Unbelievable."

4after the first flush
01/21/09 by Anonymous in South Africa

Bitter-sweet, and really nicely written. I wish there were more stories about what happens after happily-ever-after.

3This is certainly well written.
01/21/09 by Anonymous

But what's the point? Where's the story? Nothing really happened. Nothing was resolved. Nothing changed these characters. It left me flat.

5well written
01/21/09 by Anonymous in Texas

Phenomenally sad, and unfortunately completely plausible, but well-written. That marriage is already dead, waiting for the coroner/judge to make the pronouncement. -- KK in Texas
5Well I liked it
01/21/09 by Anonymous in UK

I liked the writing. Love is sweet however it can turn sour. Kess could have done more to sweeten her cause. Liked the fact she still managed to get off (last paragraph) I like a girl with imagination; that's assuming good sex is 80% in the mind. Read some of you poems too...very good
5Well written
01/21/09 by Mz_minx in UK

It made me a bit teary-eyed, I felt liek reaching out and giving Kess a huge hug. I agree with KK in Texas on the first part of their comment, but have to diasgree that the marriage is over. Sometimes communication can end up exactly what you need but the last thing you feel like doing - if Kess was a friend of mine I'd urge to try and discuss how she is feeling with her husband. Ah well, it's just a story and I'm rambling ;) Good luck in the contest too!
5Horrifying story
01/21/09 by bruce22 in South America

But well written and er,worthy of our attention. Poor Tess, she should have pulled out a dildo and masturbated instead of drinking the liquor. ///two-thirds of what?
5very artistic
01/21/09 by PositiveThinker

I must give you credit. This was a very artistic story and even though you didn't develop your characters as much as I feel the need to do with my stories, I received a lot of imagery from reading yours. Good luck in the contest.

4Wonderful writing
01/21/09 by starrkers

You show so much in so few words. But I kind of feel it's cheating to call it a Valentine's story.

01/21/09 by PrincessErin

A sad story which was very well written. Valentine's Day doesn't have to be romantic.

5I liked it...
01/21/09 by KillerRomance

Yes, I thought that is was rather REAL, and appropriate for the 21st century V-day. Good luck in the contest! <3>

5Almost too true
01/21/09 by DG Hear

You wonder how many real relationships are like this. Sad but True. Good luck in the contest. DG

01/21/09 by TwoHOTFORU69 in USA

Another good story, but taking a different direction/liked it though as it was like the truth in so many marriages in the last 20 years or so.! Hope the Judges like it as much as I did. '5' and thanks.

5Very well written
01/22/09 by Boxlicker101

and sad, but also realistic. I have to wonder why she married the guy in the first place if he has always been like that. Good luck in th contest.
5a beautiful work.
01/22/09 by magicmouth69 in USA

Truly the story touches me. It speaks of something both tragic and real.
5I don't think . . .
01/23/09 by Nirvanadragones

I've ever cried after reading a blow-job scene . . . So much emotion. An angle and perspective I am sure many can relate to. Thank you for writing it. It's much better than stereotypical Valentine's day melodrama.
5dark story
01/24/09 by Anonymous in Canada

it speakes to too many failing/failed relationships. For such a short story it spoke volumes. Thank you for something atypical in this website. A wonderfully dark contrast to the usual.
01/24/09 by Anonymous

This shouldn't be a contest submission. You fall into the cynical group that uses a brief mention to worm in for publicity. Also, the story is unbelievable because you give no light and shade - she is loving and wronged and he is just a porn-surfing shithead. So why is he there? As someone else said, there is no tension here because there is no progress - the end is the same as the beginning and, with the lack of development, why should we care?
5Happens all too often
01/28/09 by Anonymous in USA

I was taken in by your read because it is all too familiar! Not only to me, but to other women as well. In the world of "corporate America lunch table talk with the girls", this is all too common & not often addressed. I applaud you! Adrraiya
5Very sad
02/05/09 by Saucyminx in USA

and perfectly lovely. Thank you.

02/08/09 by past_perfect

Reality sucks sometimes (pun intended), and you manage to transport that feeling perfectly. Kudos, this is an excellent piece. Good luck in the contest.

4Too Depressing
02/08/09 by DecadentAngel

Alessia, I normally enjoy your stories. However, this one just didn't do it for me. I guess part of it is that it doesn't fit my idea of a Valentine's story. I don't want to read about a failing marriage with mediocre sex for Valentine's day. I lived that enough in my own marriage. Of course, your writing is excellent as usual. I can't fault you for that at all. Had you followed the parameters of the contest, I would have scored you higher. As it is, you failed to meet the theme criteria.

5beautifully sad...
02/11/09 by Chloewaits in canada

It was very poignant, and touching. I felt drawn in to her despair, and even hope. I thought you captured the ambivalence and conflicting desires beautifully. Great story

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Preditors & Editors

The year-end polling results are now official, and once again:

Top 10 Poem
everybody's hero

Top 10 Poet

Thanks for your support!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

everybody's hero

an errant knight, shining rogue
e'er ready with chivalric sinew
to shelter or defend or buoy
through flirtatious charm

a damsel wondering
wandered into his demesne
intrigued by the valor
of emotional pas d'armes

dwelling in his heart's caisteal
she now withers on the inside
waiting for what's available
only to those on the out

and she wonders
if she should wander
in search of a soul
upon which to lean

or summon the will to e'er stand
and watch with sorrowful pride
as he strives to be
everybody else's hero

~ ~ ~